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Knoxville Fresh Start is your answer for car loan help in East Tennessee! Whether you live in Maryville, Madisonville or Alcoa, TN, and have no credit or bad credit, we can help!

A new or used car loan is a great way to help rebuild your credit or even to start building your credit — and you get a new ride to boot! Do you have credit problems such as bankruptcy or a car being repossessed? Knoxville Fresh Start is the right place to start!

Knoxville Fresh Start is Knoxville’s solution for credit approval for a new or pre-owned truck, car or SUV! Our experienced auto credit experts work with more than a dozen agencies to help you get a handle on your car credit problems. We are not a buy-here-pay-here program!

Don’t let your bad credit stop you from owning a new car at West Chevrolet! Get started right now!

You just need to provide simple information to get the process started and the conversations moving forward. We will not run any kind of credit check during this process, so don’t be weary of another inquiry on your credit score. Knoxville Fresh Start works hard to get you approved!

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